Why do you want to become a fake?

http://carefreewanderer.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/22b_puppets.jpg?resize=240%2C309Yup, I meant exactly that. Just because of self-help and seduction industries. Or at least, 90% of their contents.

There are a whole bunch of things that deserve our attention and efforts, rather than that.

Maybe you’ll notice soon -if you haven’t yet- a tiny little fact: people will detach on their own from both industries. Why?

Because it’s simply an empty concept – rarely do they get to know what happens with somebody, yet they apply general criteria/cold reading stuff so people having/thinking they have some issues come and buy books, DVD’s, workshops and lots of things they don’t need at all. I think that once people realize that the problems they have when they’re following this advice are precisely due to following that kind of advice (which many times happens to be outrageous, unnatural and sociopathic), they’ll just leave for good. Sigue leyendo